Our Company

Small Beginnings.....

Euroa Clay Products first commenced business in 1964 with a single product; glazed window sill tiles. It took some 2 years to find suitable clays, establish glaze recipes and procedures, and "fine tune" the production process.

Word Gets Around.....

During the 1970's and early 1980's the factory's production output was reaching full capacity producing window sills, along with a new product; fence cappings. This momentum continued for many years with the high demand for solid and simple building products.
By late 1980, the market went through a "style change" and as a result, the demand for sills and cappings began to decline. Building techniques were changing, designers were looking for new ways to bring flair and uniqueness into their designs and customers were searching for something fresh. In 1988, the company was purchased by Mavis and Des Nicel focusing on the development and production of coloured glazed bricks.

Our company today.....

It was then purchased by ourselves, Brad and Jodie Mildren-Nicel, with a firm focus on maintaining the production of the highest quality glazed bricks and speciality shapes available today. We have been able to consistently provide, on average, seven local families with jobs and we view this fact with pride and acknowledge it as a very important component of both the success of our business and the growth of our local community. We have a fantastic team who all contribute in very important ways to produce our final product.They take a hands on approach that ensures each and every brick is inspected and tested before being accepted, and it is this personal aspect that allows us to produce such a high quality product each and every time.

We are continually striving to provide our clients with the highest quality glazed finish that is above and beyond any other glazed brick product on the market today.You will see many attempts at a glazed finish from some of the major brick companies but, in our opinion, mass machinery production and a glazed finish do not go hand in hand. We believe that it is our attention to detail that has taken us to the top of the market, an acheivement we are very proud of, and keeps us in close contact with architects all over australia who love the quality and unique aspect of our brick products.(Just a quick note here, one architect once described our bricks as being so tactile and glossy that it just made you want to lick them!! Now you can't get better feedback than that!)

There is great diversity in the size of jobs our bricks are specified for, ranging from large scale commercial developments right through to smaller residential applications. We are also very proud to announce that we are the 2009 winners of the Horbury Hunt award in the Landscaping catagory for the Jacaranda Square project in Sydney. Our bricks have also been used to create a stunning entrance for the Botswana Embassy in Canberra, a project that is also a winner of the Horbury Hunt award, and our glazed bricks were the primary feature in the Warrendyte Police Station which was nominated for the same award in 2008. Please take this opportunity to browse our website in the knowledge that should you choose to use our product, you are not only investing in the best quality glazed brick available but you are also making a choice that is environmentally sustainable and which actively supports the continuity and growth of our community. So please enjoy browsing and don't hesitate to contact us with any queries you may have.